Porch And Deck

We can create additions into the existing porch/ deck design of your property. Designing new structures that look as if they were always part of your home. We reach the quality of design process by working with our clients every step of the way.

We’re proud to say we don’t offer a catalog full of ready-made decks and patios, nor do we charge by the square foot. We’ll give you a precise quote so you’ll know exactly what you can expect to pay.

Here are our services:

  • Architectural and Structural plans and calculation on new steel and wood front/ back multi-level porches, stairs, decks, balconies, roof decks and enclosures
  • Architectural and Structural plans and calculation for repair and replacement of existing steel and wood front/ back multi-level porches, stairs, decks, balconies, roof decks with or without Chicago
  • Building Code violations
  • Correction of city code violations by visiting, investigating and detailed mapping of the particular site.
  • As a final step we will evaluate and estimate all necessary action shall be made – repair or replacement of the porch and respective plans and calculations
  • Custom and typical design on commercial and residential porches
  • Construction permit expediting